Decimus and the Wary Widow

A novel

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Faerie godmothers do not exist…


about the book | excerpt

Decimus Pryor strolls through life with a swagger and a smirk. His two favorite pastimes are charming his way into young widows’ beds and making people laugh. But someone has put it about London that he has vigor and no finesse, and now the lovely young widows are laughing at him rather than with him and they’re no longer inviting him into their boudoirs.

Eloïse Fortrose, widow of the late Viscount Fortrose, has always spurned Decimus’s advances, but when he rescues her from highwaymen, she discovers that there’s a lot more to this rake than meets the eye.

What better way to heat up the chilly autumn nights than to indulge in a brief liaison with him? They’ll frolic between the sheets, laugh a little, restore Decimus’s standing as a rake, then go their separate ways.

Eloïse doesn’t believe in love and neither does Decimus . . . but love is coming for them both, whether they want it to or not.


Chapter One coming soon!