Octavius and the Perfect Governess

A novel

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Octavius Pryor has it all: wealth, good looks, and an aristocratic bloodline. Life is perfect—until he loses a race to his cousin and must pay the forfeit.

The forfeit? To visit Vauxhall Gardens in the guise of a woman.

At Vauxhall, Octavius discovers that being a female is vastly different to being a man. Unpleasantly different. Frighteningly different. Especially when he encounters the lecherous Baron Rumpole.

Determined to teach the baron a lesson, Octavius inveigles his way into the man’s house—and meets the woman of his dreams: Miss Toogood, governess to the baron’s daughters.

Now, Octavius has three pressing tasks. Not only does he need to teach the baron to keep his yardstick in his breeches, he also has to keep Miss Toogood safe, and convince her to marry him.