Love and Other Surprises

A Regency Duo with Kittens

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Two linked Regency romances published together for the first time!

Lady Isabella’s Ogre (a novel)

Lady Isabella Knox enjoys her independence. She collects strays—dogs, kittens, runaway brides—but she has no intention of collecting a husband.

Major Nicholas Reynolds has had enough of soldiering; all he wants now is a bride … but his scarred face sends young ladies fleeing.

When a slip of Isabella’s tongue brands the major an ogre, his chances of marriage disintegrate. Determined to put things to rights, Isabella sets out to revive the major’s marriage prospects. How better than for the two of them to indulge in a make-believe flirtation? They both know it’s not real, so where’s the danger?

But Isabella is soon in over her head—and so is Major Reynolds.

Lieutenant Mayhew’s Catastrophes (a novella)

When Lieutenant Mayhew boards the stagecoach bound for Southampton he anticipates an uneventful journey. True, he’s carrying kittens, but it’s only eighty miles. What could possibly go wrong?

He’s not expecting to meet the enchanting Miss Willemina Culpepper. Nor is he expecting the kittens to be quite so good at vanishing.

Mayhew has faced many challenges in his career as a soldier. Traveling from London to Southampton should not be difficult. Except that it is.


“This story has it all: damsels in distress, villains, heroes, romance, suspense, mistakes & misunderstandings, all wrapped up in one cannot-put-it-down story.”
~ Goodreads reviewer (on Lady Isabella’s Ogre)

“A sweet, tender, witty romance full of endearing moments that made me smile, laugh out loud and sigh with pleasure. I didn’t want it to end!” 
~ Goodreads reviewer (on Lieutenant Mayhew’s Catastrophes)

“A feel good romp with delightful characters I couldn’t help but love. A joy to read.”
~ Roses Are Blue (on Lieutenant Mayhew’s Catastrophes)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling of Beauty and the Beast! A delightful comedy.”
~ Goodreads reviewer (on Lady Isabella’s Ogre)


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